A Guide to Midlife Health

“Keeping women healthy for a lifetime.” This may sound like a marketing tagline for ob-gyns, but it’s really more like a job description. It’s what we try to do in our practices day in and day out. We see our patients through transitions big and small—among these, adolescence, pregnancy, and menopause.

The changes that occur during the time surrounding menopause rival those experienced during puberty. Raging hormones, physical changes, bone concerns, and a menstrual cycle that is more like a rollercoaster in some cases, can seemingly turn the world upside down. It’s enough to throw a normally pulled together and in-control woman into a tailspin.

As a doctor, I try to provide my patients with helpful resources that they can use to educate themselves and complement the conversations we have during our routine health visits. One fantastic resource is pause magazine. The publication, along with its website—menopause.acog.org—is dedicated to maintaining and improving health leading up to, during, and following menopause.

The newly released spring/summer issue covers a range of health concerns most important to women in midlife, from advice on dealing with hot flashes, maintaining bone health, and keeping the brain sharp to tips on losing weight, saving money on health care, finding the right bra, and keeping the love alive in your marriage.

If you’re approaching menopause or know someone who is, this is a resource too valuable to miss. I invite you to take a look.