Reinventing the Wheel. Technology Should Help Us Engage Our Patients…AND Ourselves

You asked and we listened. To better serve our Members, today marks the launch of ACOG’s Estimated Due Date Calculator (EDD Calculator). It’s an easy-to-use, EDDCalcstraightforward, free app that is strictly based on joint recommendations from ACOG, the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) for determining pregnancy due dates.

Notably, the EDD Calculator is the only app of its kind that reconciles the discrepancy in due dates between the first ultrasound and the date of the last menstrual period. It also has an assisted reproductive technology (ART) component to help health care providers with patients who undergo embryo transfer.

Yes, we are reinventing the wheel. ACOG supports the use of the EDD Calculator and will transition away from the physician plastic wheel in favor of this modern reinvention.

The new EDD Calculator is part of the primary ACOG app and you can download it for free:

  • For Apple: Visit theApp Store
  • For Android: Visit Google Play

Current users of the ACOG app need to update their copy from Google Play or App Store.  Running the in-app updates do not install the EDD Calculator applet. For more information, visit

We listened. And, we are still listening.

In order to help improve member offerings, ACOG is currently conducting an online member needs survey. You should have received an email from ACOG EVP/CEO, Hal C. Lawrence, III, MD, asking you to fill out a brief, 15 minute survey.

The survey responses will be used to better understand member needs, analyze and report on trends, assist ACOG in developing educational and other programs, and provide members with more personalized information and offerings based on particular interests or needs.  This is an important part of “ACOG 2020,” the Strategic Planning initiative that I began this year, and your input on this survey will help us better plan for the future of ACOG.

Please take the time to complete the study. Your time and expertise will be used to make ACOG even more valuable and relevant to you and your ob-gyn specialty.

For more information or questions regarding the member survey, please email

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About Mark DeFrancesco

Mark S. DeFrancesco, MD is the president of ACOG through April 2016. He is managing partner at Westwood Women’s Health in Waterbury, Connecticut, a division of Women’s Health Connecticut. Dr. DeFrancesco is a founding member of Women’s Health Connecticut, and served as its chief medical officer for many years. A graduate of Yale University, he received his medical education at the University of Connecticut, where he is currently an assistant clinical professor. Dr. DeFrancesco also earned an MBA from the University of New Haven.

4 thoughts on “Reinventing the Wheel. Technology Should Help Us Engage Our Patients…AND Ourselves

  1. It’s the only app of its kind that….. What?

    There are many apps that have all these features….notably the app that I wrote and published on the App Store in 2008 called Due Dater.

    Nicholas Fogelson, MD, FACOG
    Hooah! Software
    Pearl Women’s Center
    Portland, OR

  2. It would be useful for sonographers if it could calculate GA and EDD using the mean sac diameter. We would currently still need the wheel in a situation where the machine does not calculate the GA.

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