Meetings Matter—The Importance of Our Annual Clinical Meeting

The ob-gyn community is abuzz in anticipation of our 60th Annual Clinical Meeting (ACM), just over two weeks away in San Diego. You read that right. We’re excited over an annual meeting. I’ve been an ob-gyn since the 1970s and I’ve had many reasons for attending the ACM over the years. In my opinion, each meeting gets better and more relevant to my daily practice.

The ACM is the best place to gather with other ob-gyns to learn about and discuss a wide array of new findings in research and in clinical practice. The phenomenal poster sessions—where more than 260 research abstracts will be presented—help physicians get a pulse on emerging areas in ob-gyn research and of the breakthroughs that may be coming soon. The ACM also provides an excellent opportunity to meet up with colleagues, collaborators, and friends from the US and abroad. It has been the birthplace of countless projects and initiatives that support our mission of providing the highest quality women’s health care and eliminating obstacles and health disparities our patients may face.

Of all the times I’ve attended, this particular ACM holds special significance. It marks the sunset of my tenure as president of ACOG. It has been an amazing and transformational year for our organization. One of the highlights of my presidency has been shining a national spotlight on preeclampsia, a leading cause of maternal and infant sickness and death in the US that is both understudied and misunderstood. Unfortunately it is also an area of reproductive research that is woefully underfunded especially with regard to clinical trial undertakings. The 2012 ACM will kick off with my President’s Program on preeclampsia. I’m very excited to have James M. Roberts, MD, giving the historical and current perspective on the condition; John Barton, MD, reporting on the findings of ACOG’s Preeclampsia Task Force and some of the implications for our clinical practice; and Eleni Z. Tsigas of the Preeclampsia Foundation discussing how it affects women and families.

So for the next few weeks, I’ll be looking forward to all that awaits me at the ACM. There’s still time to register for what promises to be an informative, fun, and comprehensive meeting. Hope to see you in San Diego!

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