Guest Blog: Owen C. Montgomery, MD, ACOG Fellow-at-Large

Dr. Owen Montgomery

I’m Dr. Owen Montgomery, a practicing ob-gyn in Philadelphia, and I was recently elected Fellow-at-Large to ACOG’s Executive Board. This is a new position, and I’m extremely lucky and excited to be involved in molding how the Fellow-at-Large can have an impact on members and women alike.

The Fellow-at-Large is intended to fill a void. While most Fellows are represented by district (regional) and section (statewide) ACOG leadership who can voice their concerns to the Executive Board, some Fellows do not have representation. This includes ob-gyns outside of our established districts and sections and international ob-gyns from certain regions. In addition, there are ACOG members who are not Fellows, but educational affiliates or associate members who are our collaborative partners in women’s health. I will be an ear attuned to the needs of these Fellows, helping them to become more engaged in ACOG and bringing the needs of their patients to light.

Being a liaison for our international colleagues dovetails with my deep personal interest in global women’s health. One of ACOG’s missions is to provide support to colleagues who care for women around the world. As part of this effort, ACOG recently attended the “Bilateral Collaboration to Improve Women’s and Infants’ Health” forum with our colleagues in Russia.

Just like us, these physicians are passionate about doing the best for their patients. They have made tremendous strides in advancing the quality of ob-gyn care available to Russian women over the last 10 years and building stronger doctor-patient relationships. ACOG has signed an agreement that will allow for collaboration with our Russian counterparts—granting them access to ACOG documents, helping to expand their knowledge, introducing them to new and cutting-edge techniques, and building on what we’ve learned at ACOG to address the problems that women encounter in their corner of the world.

As I continue as Fellow-at-Large, I’d like to hear from ACOG Fellows out in the field, about your patients and the challenges you face. Email me at, and let’s explore the ways that ACOG can help. Let’s work together to find solutions for our patients and practices.

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Dr. Montgomery is chair of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia. A specialist in female pelvic reconstructive surgery, Dr. Montgomery has explored a range of concerns throughout his career, including gender education; the provision of care to underserved women, both nationally and internationally; electronic medical records; and the prevention of sexual assault.

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