Strive for a Healthy Body—and Mind—this Thanksgiving

Are you already salivating over the turkey and stuffing? Or maybe you’re a sweet potato casserole person? Or perhaps you’re looking beyond dinner to those pumpkin and pecan pies? Whatever your taste buds crave on Thanksgiving, it’s easy to consume 2,000–4,000 or more calories during our annual feast.

As you gather with family this year, consider ways you can be thankful, healthy, and stress-free during this special time of year. ACOG gathered these six articles to help you aim for a healthier holiday season:

  1. 7 Thanksgiving Diet Disasters to Avoid
  2. 10 Tips for a Thinner Thanksgiving
  3. Simple Food Substitutions to Help Decrease Calories and Fat
  4. Top 5 Ways to Exercise during Thanksgiving
  5. How to Inject More Thanksgiving Gratitude into Our Daily Lives
  6. 6 Breathing Exercises When You Need to De-Stress

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