Oral Health and Pregnancy: Tell Your Patients to Say “Cheese”

A healthy smile is more than a way to make a good first impression. It can be a strong health indicator, too. Poor dental health has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory infections. Maintaining good oral health through the years is extremely important and pregnancy is no exception.

Pregnancy can cause changes in the gums and teeth and roughly 40% of pregnant women have some form of periodontal disease such as gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), cavities (tooth decay), and periodontitis (inflammation of ligaments and bones that support the teeth). Despite this, 56% of pregnant women report that they have not been to the dentist during pregnancy.

Dental care during pregnancy has been a source of confusion for women, their doctors, and dentists. Some people mistakenly think that pregnant women cannot be treated for oral health problems. However, the opposite is true. Pregnancy is an excellent time to discuss dental health with women, and ob-gyns can play a major role.

In a new Committee Opinion, ACOG urges ob-gyns to support good dental hygiene among pregnant patients by performing routine oral health assessments at the first prenatal visit and encouraging women to see a dentist. This can also help us reassure our patients that common treatments and procedures, such as teeth cleaning, dental X-rays, and root canals, are safe during pregnancy.

We can also reiterate important healthy mouth basics:
• Limit sugary foods and drinks
• Brush teeth twice daily with a fluoridated toothpaste
• Floss once daily
• Visit the dentist twice a year

With just a few questions and suggestions, we can help patients—some of whom may not have seen a dentist in years—take a step toward a healthier mouth. And, the benefits may reach beyond mom. Studies show that women with good dental hygiene are also less likely to pass cavity-causing bacteria on to their babies—two for one protection. By performing oral health screenings, ob-gyns can help ensure a healthier smile for women and their babies. So check in with your patients about their dental health and make sure they’re smiling for all the right reasons.

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