Ob-Gyns: We Are Natural Leaders


Attendees pose at the Robert Cefalo ACOG Leadership Institute.

Our Fellows and Junior Fellows are the backbone of ACOG. They are the workhorses, the change artists, the ones who challenge us to do so much more. We rely on their vision, insight, and their ability to lead.

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the annual Robert Cefalo ACOG Leadership Institute conducted at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. I’ve attended the 4-day conference as a student in years past, but this time I participated as faculty and enjoyed myself just as much this time around. If you take leaders from across the United States, provide a beautiful environment with jam-packed days of excellent speakers and challenging projects, throw in the analytical tools to help us understand ourselves better, you have a recipe for success.

Add to this mix a workshop meant to question how we look at problems, how we collaborate, and how we need to work with others and you can understand why each ACOG District has committed to sending their leaders to this conference. Notice that I avoid using the term “future leaders.” I maintain that we, as ob-gyns, are already leaders.

The importance of this conference is that we look for leaders in all stages of development. I met residents who had just started their involvement as Junior Fellows, as well as seasoned District Chairs. Each attendee left with a greater appreciation of the commitment it takes to be a leader. And ACOG, in turn, is ready to commit to these leaders because we know they will be carrying our important messages forward.

Investing in improving communication skills, in team building, and in understanding our own leadership styles will make all of us more successful. In the end, we all benefit.

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