Two Must-Sees in San Diego

I talked recently about the excitement leading up to ACOG’s upcoming Annual Clinical Meeting (ACM). As in every year, attendees can look forward to a thoughtful and comprehensive scientific program. I wanted to share two of the sessions that have particularly piqued my interest from this year’s line-up.

While I admit to being a stargazer, the special session on maternal and child mortality headlined by Christy Turlington Burns and Tonya Lewis Lee promises to offer much, much more than a celebrity sighting. Both are activists and documentary filmmakers who have used their star power to raise awareness about maternal and child health in the US and around the world. Maternal and infant mortality is an issue that ACOG continuously works to address and improve. With all the advances in medicine and obstetrics available to us, it is a travesty that mothers and babies around the world are still dying every day. In fact, the US has the highest rate of maternal mortality among industrialized nations. Ms. Turlington Burns and Ms. Lewis Lee will share the insights that they have gained from their time spent on the front lines with at-risk women and children.

Switching gears, the second session I won’t miss addresses cosmetic gynecology—a hot topic in ob-gyn. We are a society preoccupied with appearances, and procedures that promise to give our looks a boost generally receive a lot of attention. Some ob-gyns have stepped into the cosmetic surgery arena, performing cosmetic gynecologic procedures such as labioplasty, “revirgination,” and other forms of vaginal “rejuvenation” as well as aesthetic procedures such as injecting Botox. A four-expert panel will discuss the pros, cons, and ethics of ob-gyns performing these surgeries and the controversies that surround some of these procedures.

These are just two highlights in a scientific program studded with clinical pearls. Check back from May 5–9 to hear more about the happenings at the ACM.